From people who know the best

"Danish beekeepers were exploring Sicily"

"I must say that myself I think you made very good programmes with a mixture of beekeeping, culture, history, geology, and nature. We were very pleased by our guide Alenka. She has a great knowledge about Sicily and showed no fear for bees. The beekeeping visits were very good and interesting. It was a scoop to organise the lunch the 1 day in the nature and the same with the lunch at the Oliva family."

Asger Søgaard Jørgensen, Councellour in Danish Beekeepers’ Association & Ex Apimondia President)

"Scholars from Seoul National University were feeling sLOVEnia"

Apitour in Slovenia was very impressive and instructive for all my colleagues and we really enjoyed the time with you in Slovenia. We got to understand the Slovenian way with the ecological and biodynamic apiculture and organic production systems. You must be very proud of your cultural heritage and beautiful lands. All the sceneries we have experienced were amazingly beautiful and full of life. We appreciate for all of your careful concerns and warmness. Thank you so much. "

(Prof. Joosang Chung, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University, South Korea)