This is our story. Yours is about to begin.

With its educational role, ApiRoutes brings out the best in people, the best in their perceptions and actions, the best in destinations and services, and it transforms all this awareness and knowledge into an important value to take home, share and live by. It is highly environmental and social responsible.

Our value

ApiRoutes offers a range of travel opportunities with an emphasis on “a good cause” no matter of tours’ theme or geographic position or culture. We inspire you to maintain your health and wellbeing, to meet new people, to discover natural beauties, experience different cultures and develop your potentials.

Our purpose

Following the purpose of life – which we believe is to be happy – ApiRoutes travel experiences are altering people's perceptions and actions to live healthy,  fulfilled and noble.  Our programs and tours, created as an ‘open space’ of processes, interactions and ideas, make you truly connect your travel purpose with your life purpose and be your true self.

Our principle

ApiRoutes ‘journey’ reaching from sustainable, green, active, creative, responsible and being health, wellness and education oriented brings out the best in people, the best in actions, the best in destinations, and hereby transforms all this awareness, knowledge and concern into important values to take home, share and live by.

Our beliefs

Designing Real Experience

We provide you with insight into nature and society that will alter your perception of life.

Ultimate Personalized Approach

Programmes are tailored to the individual interests and requirements of our guests. We take you by surprise and fill you with enthusiasm.

Visionary Thought and Action

Our vision is to become a leading European tour operator specializing in the formulation and implementation of exceptional itineraries, the provision of excellent service and unforgettable experiences, tailored to those who travel to enrich their lives through experiencing first hand the diversity of culture and nature of our world. 

Our tours

Tours embracing nature, culture and spirit

We transport you into the arms of unspoiled nature and let you experience the beauties and traditions of your desired destination, may it be a special interest tour, active escape into nature or culinary voyage. 

Beekeeping tours

Enter the mystic world of bees and learn about positive effects of bees to a human body and soul. If you're familiar with buzzing, learn about new practices and share experiences with beekeepers around the world.

Created for you

ApiRoutes creates routes that you can experience and can call your own. Created for you to surprise and delight you.

ApiRoutes and Apitourism

Based on its strong mission and objectives; ApiRoutes is taking a challenge and responsibility to initiate, to encourage, to connect, to coordinate and to manage apitoursitic activities and programs as a coordinator of Apimondia & Apitourism Working Group on a global level. 

What is apitourism?

Apitourism is a new form of tourism, fresh and innovative approach to sustainability and very promising economic activity. Based on ApiRoutes positioning; apitourism is a fusion of green destinations, apiculture and travel. Two partners in its development and promotion; Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association and Aritours tour operator have launched a unique concept combining country’s rich beekeeping tradition with distinctive natural and cultural heritage and travel trends that favor healthy and eco-friendly destinations, and values such as well-being, connectivity, creativity, development and responsibility. 

Apimondia & Apitourism Working Group

ApiRoutes is Coordinator of Apimondia & Apitourism Working Group since 2013 and as such engaged into shaping, developing and implementing the concept on a worldwide level. 

Our team

Entrust your next travel to professionals to fully enjoy your staying, relax, learn and get the best of it. Loyal, multilingual and highly motivated stuff will ensure you an unforgettable experience and take care of all travel arrangements and visits for you. We take time to listen to your wishes and desires, your interests and passions, your preferences and your demands to exceed your expectations.


Tanja Arih Korošec

CEO & Founder
Coordinator of Apimondia & Apitourism Working Group

Languages: Slovenian, English


Jasna Vogrin

Product Sales Manager

Languages: Slovenian, French, English

Pushpendra S.Bhandari

Apiroutes India

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Jaipur (Raj.) India
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