Did you just start your beekeeping and are amazed to explore more about bees, apiculture and good practices? Or are you experienced apiarist, who wants to share experiences, learn and improve techniques? Maybe your are an apitherapist and interested into api treatments? Do you want to know more about Carnica bee, Black Sicilian Bee or other bee species? Want to get to know more about biodynamic and eco beekeeping?

No matter how experienced you are, we will provide a suitable tour for you wherever your love to bees might want to take you.

Best beekeeping destinations

"Like every religious person should visit Israel once in their life-time, Slovenia is must for every true beekeeper." (Gilles Ratia, former Apimondia president)

In Slovenia beekeeping is considered to be the poetry of agriculture. It is not marely keeping bees for their honey, but much more. It is a way of life. Its diversity has ensured that Slovenia is a paradise for bees, whilst beekeeping forms an important element of Slovenian culture. Slovenia is home to the Carniolan bee (Apis mellifera carnica) and is a place, where many internationally respected pioneers of apiculture were born or worked, a cradle of modern apitherapy and a land of more than 12 500 bee houses. In cooperation with Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association we provide api excursions to Slovenia – a must do for every beekeeper. Beside excursions to Slovenia we offer tours to other most wanted beekeeping destionations worldwide.

Create your very own tour 

As experts for apitourism and Coordinator of Apimondia Working Group for Apitourism we will prepare a tailored programme, which will meet your wishes, expectations and interests. We provide tours for beekeeping associations, scholars and professors and other api enthusiast to api destinations such as: Slovenia, Croatia, Sicily, France, Turkey … however upon request we organize api tour anywhere around the world! At ApiRoutes you can create your own trip and we will make sure, it's exactly as you imagined it.

Ready to go beekeeping tours

You may also join other beekeepers and choose among Ready to go tours. We prepared some inspiring, highly educational and practical oriented beekeeping tours in combination with touristic highlights.

20th of May 2018 – First World Bee Day

Package program May 17.-20. 2018

Api tour to Slovenia

International beekeeping conference, beekeeping excursion,
celebration of 1st world bee day


Ljubljana – Urban Beekeeping – Honey days


Karst village & Beekeeping – Dry ham & Wine tasting – Postojna Cave


Bled – family beekeeping – Museum of Apiculture – Gingerbread museum –
Beekeeping Centre


Herbal & Beekeeping farm – Beekeeping & Apitherapy – Wine Road

Api New Zealand Tour

Api New Zealand tour will give you an insight into production of Manuka Honey and an opportunity to visit the beekeepers on spot and representatives of The National Beekeepers Association of New Zealand to share experiences with them. You will get a chance to admire the beauty of New Zealand while visiting the world famous Waitomo Caves, Rotorua with boiling mud, towering geysers, Southern Alp mountain ranges, etc. Of course you will get to know the unique Maori culture of New Zealand, while enjoying traditional Maori Hangi & concert.

Beekeeper at work in New Zealand

Short Apitherapy Slovenia Tour

Lake Bled, Visits to beekeepers, Apitherapy, Biodynamic beekeeping, Postojna Cave & Predjama Castle, Ljubljana

Exploring Škocjan caves

Slovenia & Croatia Api Tour

Slovenia lies in the center of Europe, where the Alps meet the Mediterranean area and the Karst changes into sumptuous forests. You will be captivated by the blue Adriatic Sea and the mysterious Karst with its subterranean caves. The beautiful world of the mountains, nature parks, ravines, plateaus and crystal clean waters that pour in picturesque lakes will amaze you. 


Api Provence Tour

Visits of local beekeepers and queen breeders, meeting with regional representatives, production of lavender honey next to tasting of local sandy wines, visit to 2000 year old aqueduct and boat ride in National Park Camargue are just few highlights of this amazing tour.

Senanque abbey with lavander fields

Api Slovenia Tour

Api Slovenia Tour takes you into the core of Slovenian beekeeping and apiculture. In the land of protected Carnica bee you will learn about excellent beekeeping practices, bee houses and Slovene AZ hives, share experiences with representatives of Slovenian Beekeepers' Association, and much more. In combination with exploring Slovenian underground world, enjoying breath-taking views over Lake Bled and relaxing in thermal spa this tour is simply a must for every beekeeper.

Carniolan bee

Apitherapy Slovenia Tour

Slovenian beekeeping and apiculture practices are just perfectly situated for apitherapy. Slovene bee houses turn into apitherapeutical chambers, where one can breath aerosol directly from hives and relax while listening to the buzz of bees. Slovenia is indeed the cradle of modern apitherapy. Dr Filip Terč, who practiced his medicine in Maribor, Slovenia, is regarded as father of modern apitherapy. Learn from the best!


Api Carnica Tour

Through combining the highlights of two neighboring ‘carnica’ countries on the Adriatic coast you may experience a very unique tour, which includes the visits of local beekeepers, queen breeders and beekeepers’ association, but most important of all – enjoying the most beautiful beaches, amazing national park, lovely city atmosphere and Mediterranean culinary, such as olive oil and wine.

Carnica bee on the hand

Short Api Slovenia Tour

The centuries-old tradition of the Slovene beekeepers can be tasted in only 4 days. This short beekeeping tour will offer you almost all most important beekeeping visits to Slovenia: meeting with Slovenian Beekeepers' Association, visit to local beekeers, queen breeding station and apicultural museum.

Visit to a beekeeper near Bled

Apitherapy Romania Tour

Romania the land of Apitherapy, green nature, castles and a home land of famous Drakula. Romania is the country where apitherapy is practiced by doctors. It is an old tradition with many benefits for our health without side effects. The country with the richest range of bee products in Europe, with a spontaneous flora that ensures clean  bee products with high value, perfect for apitherapy.

Best apitherapeutical practices

Api Sicily Tour

Sicily is not only known by its' beautiful seaside, volcano Etna and ancient culture, but as well as a-must-see beekeeping destination. On your Api Tour to Sicily you will visit the most important honey cities: Sant'Alfio, Sortino and Zafferana. You will meet Sicilian beekeepers, share experiences with them and learn the best practices, you’ll get to know Sicilian black bee. Of course, you will be able to enjoy Sicilian seaside and travel through history with visiting cities as Taormina, Agrigento, Cefalu, Siracusa, Palermo and Catania, satisfy your senses with delicious food and excellent wines.

Group of beekeepers visiting a local beekeper in Zafferana

From people who know best

"Apitour in Slovenia was very impressive and instructive for all my colleagues and we really enjoyed the time with you in Slovenia."

“Apitour in Slovenia was very impressive and instructive for all my colleagues and we really enjoyed the time with you in Slovenia. We got to understand the Slovenian way with the ecological and biodynamic apiculture and organic production systems. You must be very proud of your cultural heritage and beautiful lands. All the sceneries we have experienced were amazingly beautiful and full of life. We appreciate for all of your careful concerns and warmness. Thank you so much.

(Prof. Joosang Chung, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University, South Korea)

"To have such beehives as you do is a dream of every beekeeper!"

“On behalf of our group I want to thank you for an excellent organization of the tour. Our journey was very successful. We all admire the beauty of your country, green landscape, vegetation,... To have such beehives as you do is a dream of every beekeeper! We will remember and cherish this experience.”

(André Frieh, President of Beekeeping Organisation Haut-Rhin and President of Regional Beekeeping Confederation d´Alsace, France)