Apitherapy Slovenia Tour

Slovenian beekeeping and apiculture practices are just perfectly situated for apitherapy. Slovene bee houses turn into apitherapeutical chambers, where one can breath aerosol directly from hives and relax while listening to the buzz of bees. Slovenia is indeed the cradle of modern apitherapy. Dr Filip Terč, who practiced his medicine in Maribor, Slovenia, is regarded as father of modern apitherapy. Learn from the best!

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4 days
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Short Itinerary
  • Day 01: Arrival to Slovenia –  Visit to an apitherapist – Meeting with Commission for Apitherapy –  Dr Filip Terč grave – Maribor
  • Day 02:  Round-table on apitherapy at Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association – Ljubljana sightseeing – Ljubljana  
  • Day 03: Apicultural museum – Beekeeping centre – Visit to a beekeeper – Ljubljana
  • Day 04: Ljubljana – Departure
  • Carniolan bee on ginger-bread
  • beeswax_thermotherapy
  • Breathing aerosol in Slovenian bee house
  • Honey massage in Slovenian bee house
  • Apitherapy in Slovenian bee house
  • Group visiting typical Slovenian bee house
  • A visit to a apitherapist
  • Maribor - Slvoenian second biggest city
  • Filip Terc - Father of modern apitherapy

From people who know best

"I love everything in Slovenia: the countryside, the people, the culture, the food.... and the Carniolan bee."

“Slovenia is undoubtedly among those European countries with the longest tradition in beekeeping. I visited Slovenia for the first time in 2010 to attend APIMEDICA, and I must say that I fell in love with that wonderful country. I love everything in Slovenia: the countryside, the people, the culture, the food.... and the Carniolan bee. Slovenia is definitely a must see destination for anyone interested in beekeeping and apitherapy. I highly recommend a can visit to one of the beekeepers who are building on knowledge and experience of many generations.”

(Antonio Couto, apitherpist, Portugal)

"Slovenia - one small and charming country, where you like to return."

“Slovenia - one small and charming country, where you like to return. The beauty is everywhere in the nature and in the way of living. Honey, the symbol of sweetness and love is a part in the children education. It looks like a space where the spirit of the bees lives free."

(Dr. Cristina Aosan, Member in the Apitherapy Commission of Apimondia, Vicepresident of the Romanian Apitherapy Society)

Why Slovenia?

Slovenia is the cradle of modern apitherapy

  • Slovenia is the cradle of modern apitherapy and a paradise for well-being treatments.
  • Apitherapy has amazing benefits to the human body: a honey massage promotes body's detoxification, resting in a beehouse soothes and purifies the spirit.
  • Father of modern apitherapy Filip Terč (1844-1917) was born in what is today Chech Republic and practiced his medicine in Maribor, Slovenia.
  • It is well known that beekeepers, prone to being stung, are less prone to various rheumatic ailments.
  • Terč's birthday, 30th March- has been celebrated as World Apitherapy Day.
    Apit labels – labels with information of bee venom were invented in Slovenia. 
  • Vivamel - The Tosama Company used the medicinal power of honey in the manufacture of Vivamel compresses, which contain sterile and controlled Slovenian chestnut honey. 
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