ApiRoutes are created for those who respect nature and cultural diversity, as well as travel to enrich their life. Each individual is its’ own world with own characteristics, interests and needs, but with our personalized high-quality programmes we succeed to bring out the best in people, the best in their perceptions and actions.

ApiRoutes waves stories dedicated to the individual and their enjoyment of life and the world that surrounds them. Through insight into an individual's personality, their values, principles, interests, wishes and even dreams, we are able to offer our clients a wide range of adventures and experiences.

Countless shades of green

Either in a group, smaller group of friends or a family you will experience an unforgettable tour to many destinations around the world. As we are located in Slovenia our Nr. 1 destination is Slovenia, in the heart of Europe, where Alps meet the Mediterranean and sky blue sea. With its exceptional cultural haritage, natural beauties, endless forests, spring waters and delicious cuisine you will soon realize yourself – this is a piece of heaven. 

And there is more…

Beside tours to Slovenia we offer inspired travel to other destinations around the globe. At ApiRoutes you can create your own trip and we will make sure, it's exactly as you imagined it. 

Ready to go tours

Here is just to taste little bit of what ApiRoutes has to offer.

Api New Zealand Tour

Api New Zealand tour will give you an insight into production of Manuka Honey and an opportunity to visit the beekeepers on spot and representatives of The National Beekeepers Association of New Zealand to share experiences with them. You will get a chance to admire the beauty of New Zealand while visiting the world famous Waitomo Caves, Rotorua with boiling mud, towering geysers, Southern Alp mountain ranges, etc. Of course you will get to know the unique Maori culture of New Zealand, while enjoying traditional Maori Hangi & concert.

  • Culture and Historical Experience
  • food_and_wine
  • professional
  • educational
12 days
Upon request
Short Itinerary
  • Day 01 Arrival to Auckland
  • Day 02 Waikato province – Beekeeping companies – Dinner with local members of The National Beekeepers' Association of New Zealand – Hamilton
  • Day 03 Visit to a company of Manuka honey – Visit to Waitomo Caves & boat ride – Hamilton
  • Day 04 Guided tour in Hamilton Gardens – Kiwifruit farm – Honey production company – Meeting with Lower South Island Beekeers’ Association – Boiling mud & towering geysers – Maori Hangi&concert
  • Day 05 South Island – Visit a large beekeeping and honey production company – Beekeeping visits – Free evening – Blenheim 
  • Day 06 Beekeeping visit – Visit to vineyards and wineries – Nelson
  • Day 07 Visit to Nelson Honey and marketing – Westport
  • Day 08 Tranz Alpine train – beech forests – idyllic lakes - Christchurch
  • Day 09 Lincoln – Crop and Food – Beekeeping visits – Ashburton
  • Day 10 Tekapo – Wanaka – Visit to a beekeeper - Queenstown
  • Day 11 Free at leisure in Queenstown – Lake cruise to Walter Peak High Country Sheep station 
  • Day 12 Departure
Beekeeper at work in New Zealand
  • Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari viewing tower
  • Raglan
  • Beekeeper at work in New Zealand
  • Te Waihou Walkway The Blue Spring
  • Spirit Cave Waitomo
  • Hamilton Gardens - Indian Char Bagh Garden

From people who know best

"We loved the tour."

“We loved the tour. It was more than we expected. We learnt a lot about the bees and enjoyed meeting so many nice people. We were impressed with your lovely country and the helpful, smiling and friendly people we met everywhere.

Why New Zealand?

The country of Manuka honey, Maori culture and great natural diversity

  • There are some of the most diverse environments on earth, from beaches and rainforests to mountains, lakes, glaciers and even volcanoes. Many of these different natural features can be visited on the same day.
  • Mānuka honey is a monofloral honey produced in Australia and New Zealand from the nectar of the mānuka tree. The honey is commonly sold as an alternative medicine.
  • The people. New Zealanders are naturally warm and friendly people and are particularly hospitable to tourists. Wherever you go you will receive a friendly smile and a warm welcome.
  • Crime is low in New Zealand and as a tourist you are unlikely to encounter problems. Furthermore, there are virtually no lethal creatures amongst New Zealand's wildlife so you can explore without concern for being bitten or eaten!
  • New Zealand was inhabited by the local native people, the Maori before the arrival of the Europeans in the 1700s. New Zealand today is a fascinating blend of cultures who mingle and thrive in a peaceful yet vibrant society.
Honey bee on a flower Maori Wanaka lake Marine

From people who know best

"Slovenia - one small and charming country, where you like to return."

“Slovenia - one small and charming country, where you like to return. The beauty is everywhere in the nature and in the way of living. Honey, the symbol of sweetness and love is a part in the children education. It looks like a space where the spirit of the bees lives free."

(Dr. Cristina Aosan, Member in the Apitherapy Commission of Apimondia, Vicepresident of the Romanian Apitherapy Society).

"We loved the tour"

“We loved the tour. It was more than we expected. We learnt a lot about the bees and enjoyed meeting so many nice people. We were impressed with your lovely country and the helpful, smiling and friendly people we met everywhere ."

(Bob and Lorna Muirhead, New Zealand)